Anti Slip Epoxy Solvent Free Coating




antel-colours1. DESCRIPTION

Antel’s Anti Slip Epoxy Solvent Free Coating is a high quality high build two component solvent free epoxy coating with non slip aggregate for application to new and existing concrete floors. It provides a smooth, easily cleaned surface which is resistant to dirt, moisture, oil, light-medium abrasion and chemical attack.


High build—200 µm per coat
Superb adhesion to concrete
Good early strength characteristics
Dustproof and waterproof
Good chemical resistance.
Impermeable to water and other liquids.
Good resistance to heavy traffic
Provides a closed hygienic surface
Can be made non-slip
Decorative finish
Good water spot and blush resistance


Factory floors
Food/hygiene e.g. Abattoirs,/milking parlours
Car plants
Coating GRP in the marine industry


Pot life 30 minutes
Application thickness 200-225 µm per coat
Initial cure 6-8 hours
Pedestrian traffic 24 hours
Heavy traffic 36 hours

4.1. Chemical Resistance

Sulphuric Acid 30% Excellent
Sodium Hydroxide 25% Excellent
Engine Oil Excellent
Lactic Acid 25% Good
Ammonia Solution 25% Good
Citric Acid 25% Excellent
Petrol Excellent
Sugar Solution 40% Excellent
Hydrochloric Acid 30% Excellent


5.1 Preparation
Substrate preparation
New concrete should be at least 1 month old. The surface should be acid etched and then rinsed thoroughly and allowed to dry totally. The substrate must have a
minimum compressive strength of 25 N/mm2. Moisture content should not exceed 5% and relative humidity at the slab surface should not exceed 75%. All oil and grease must be removed. Damaged areas should be repaired using Antel’s Epoxy repair mortar
The surface should be free of laitance, etc. Cleaning by mechanical means such as grit blasting or scabbling is very important.
Concrete surfaces must be clean and free of grease/contamination.
Concrete contaminated with oil or grease require suitable preparation such as steam cleaning using a suitable detergent to remove the contaminant.

Priming is necessary when the substrate is new or porous. Failure to prepare the surface correctly may result in bad bond formation.

5.2 Mixing – Please follow instructions exactly
Mix the resin and hardener components thoroughly with drill paddle. Do not speed mix as this can affect the workability of the material. Once mixed transfer to a shallow tray immediately. This will help to dissipate heat and give a longer working time.

Once mixed, it is only possible to apply a single coat. Do not attempt to return to the mix to apply a second coat.



Apply using a suitable brush and/or good quality foam roller. As the material is high build, make sure to push/roller the coating material out. Observe areas just coated while applying to ensure no ‘runs’ or drips are forming. Back roller if required on these areas, but not on areas that may be ‘tacky’. 1 coat of primer plus 1 top coat is necessary on wall areas. Apply the top coat 24 hours after priming.


The coating can be applied by pouring onto the substrate and then spreading with a suitable brush or good quality foam-backed roller to achieve a smooth, even finish. A second coat shall be applied in the same manner once the first coat is tack free. If a non-slip finish is desired, a thin dusting of dry sand or grit may be applied between coats. A further 24 hours should be allowed before permitting traffic. Maximum inter coat time 24 hours.

Antel’s Epoxy Solvent Free Coating is available in 5kg packs. Coverage is 25m2/5kg.

Brushes and roller equipment should be cleaned with Antel’s Standard Cleaning Solvent.


Store in a dry, cool, and frost free place in their original containers.
Shelf life – 12 months in above condition

5 kg - £98.70