Antel Anti Slip Aggregate – 5KG

Non Slip Aggregates are available in three grades:-


The choice of grade is determined by the use for the finished surface.


Non slip aggregates are applied in the same way for all systems.
Firstly a single application of the coating is applied to a carefully prepared surface. While this is still wet and active the non-slip aggregate is ‘broad cast’ evenly over the surface. An alternative method is to use a ‘pepper box’ and again evenly distribute the non slip aggregate.

Do not over apply the aggregate as this is counter productive and will leave a surface which is very difficult to clean.

Allow the first coat to become tack free. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove any excess aggregate that has not adhered to the first coat.
Apply a further coat to the vacuumed area in order to lock in the non slip aggregate. A third coat may be required if the cover over the first coat and aggregate leaves a too harsh surface.


Preparation is of vital importance. Lighter application result in optimum performance.

5 kg - £16.95